EKI Project

Basque Curriculum

For helping to educate young people for whom Basque and Basque culture are central.

During 2008 and 2009 most schools in the Basque Country wrote and agreed on the Compulsory Education Basque Curriculum. The EKI project, run by IKASELKAR publishers, writes, produces and makes educational material for the Basque Curriculum available.


Pupils’ leaving profile: the EKI Project’s starting-point and objective.

Pupils must gain skills for all situations in life in terms of thinking and learning, communication, living in society, being themselves and knowing how to do things and get things done.

In order to develop pupils’ skills, EKI material provides four curricular features:

  • (1) Basis learning and teaching by developing skills.
  • (2) Contents: based on Basque cultural features and the official curriculum.
  • (3) Tools: systematic procedures have been developed for all areas of learning to help with learning and knowing how to learn.
  • (4) (4) Multilingualism: an integrated approach to languages with Basque at the centre.

Pedagogical integration

Learning how to find solutions for situations, making use of what has been learned in new situations.

Faced with real situations, pupils have to be used to finding and making use of the resources they need; both alone and in groups, they have to try to find solutions, and make use of what they have learned when confronted by new situations.

The new EKI materials are based on pedagogical integration in order to make teaching easier for teachers, pupils more efficient in their learning and parents able to take part in the process.

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